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8 Replies to “ E=mc² - Alto Stratus - Tachyon (Cassette, Album) ”

  1. Introduction by Clothearz, released 24 December 1. Corpus Rictus 2. Stig Part One 3. Overture 4. PUP (parts ) 5. GiG (extract) 6. Viola Diabola Sampler of Auricle releases by the experimental duo of Leeds-based musicians Michael Clough and Richard Errington (both members of avant-rock band Rancid Poultry). They are inspired by such electronic acts as Cluster, Peter Frohmader, Alto.
  2. Islands by Kevin O'Neill, released 21 November 1. Islands Suite 2. Gulag Archipelago Album download also includes 3. Aisle Of Dreams The most ambitious (arguably) of Kevin's releases, in that it is just three big works, including an extended 28 minute suite and a majestic 20 minute opus, blending his familiar style with elements that recall some of the earlier works of Edgar.
  3. Trauma by Alto Stratus, released 20 April 1. Prelude 2. Prozession 3. Portrait I 4. Shimmer 5. Mooving Body 6. Portrait II 7. Untitled 8. Portrait III 9. Jabberwock Portrait IV Gargoyle Portrait V Welcome Portrait VI Trauma Portrait VII The Prisoner A Rain Of Flowers Portrait VIII A Cat In Kew Gardens.
  4. AURICLE c/o Steve & Alan Freeman, 21 Heather Road, Leicester, LE2 6DF England Tel: + (0)
  5. Alto Stratus biography Alto Stratus is a duo consisting of brothers Alan and Steve Freeman with occasional guest help. Alto Stratus have been experimenting with electronics since the early 80's, as Alto Stratus and under the guise of various other names, projects, solo, and collaborations.
  6. Omega by Kevin O'Neill, released 21 November 1. Another Morning 2. Eye Of The Storm 3. Guernica 4. Blodwen (The White Rose) 5. Speaker 6. Prometheus 7. Arqvid Plus, with album download 8 Nuclear Meltdown The End -? A much more introspective outing from Kevin, with some gentle whimsy and romantic elements, plus a couple of collaborations with special guests.
  7. Tachyon by Alto Stratus, released 13 August 1. Strom I 2. Sonderbar 3. Strom II 4. Intones 5. Strom III 6. Contempt 7. Strafe 8. Mutantes 9. Severed Stone Strom IV Hole In The Head Daydream Corrosion San-Ito L'eternal Retour Alien e=mc2 Black Garden Time Reversal Epitaph Residue The cassette release "Tachyon" was one the most.
  8. Intimations Of Immortality by Kevin O'Neill, released 20 November 1. Ylang-Ylang 2. Pentraeth 28 3. Niall Of The Nine Hostages 4. Intimations Of Immortality 5. The Persistence Of Memory, parts 6. Earth, Wind And Fire Album download also includes 7. Etude review INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY was released in May,

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